Welcome to Badgers.

Our badgers room is for our eldest children who attend the nursery. Typically aged 3 up to school leaver age. The pre-school educators promote confidence, independence and celebrate children's individuality and growing character. As with the other rooms in the nursery the educators follow a play based pedagogy to learning, where children learn how to think and not what to think. Children spend their days using real-life objects and loose parts. They are offered real-life experiences and taught important life skills. 

When getting ready to move to school we work closely alongside parents and children to ensure their transition is smooth. We will complete a 'transition record' with you that will give their new teacher more of an insight and understanding of your child. In the badgers room we focus on all the 'pre-school' skills children will need when transitioning onto their chosen schools; such as independently going to the bathroom, changing clothes or doing up their own coat. We feed into all schools within the local area and even feed into schools out of county. 

At the end of their time with us children choose a themed graduation party for all their family to attend - a lovely opportunity to say 'see you soon' to all their friends when leaving for school.