Welcome to Foxes

The foxes room is based downstairs at the setting spread over two large indoor rooms with an adjoining outdoor sheltered area allowing free-flow access to the outdoors daily.

Our foxes room has a warm and welcoming atmosphere that encourages children to learn and develop whilst enjoying themselves. 
We aim to provide a Home-from-home environment for all our children. 

Children can gain confidence when they are empowered to do things independently. Each child at Skallywags has their own key person who is responsible for their education and day to day routines. It is essential that each child has a strong relationship with their key person. Not only is this important for children's emotional well-being and confidence but it is essential for their communication. Research shows that two year olds' communication and language is closely linked to the amount of quality adult interactions they receive and how motivated they are to communicate. 

Outdoor opportunities are extremely important, toddlers have access to a sheltered outdoor space at all times. They frequently go on outings and visits around the local community. Inspired by Nordic culture/initiatives toddlers even have their own sleeping bags to snuggle up outside under their shelter and sleep out in the fresh air. Outdoor sleeping is shown to provide a range of benefits for children including exposing them to nature as they fall asleep. Allowing them to experience natural stimulation, such as trees swaying or birds singing, which can have a calming effect - it is also good for their health!