Our self contained baby room is designed to be a home from home environment where children are supported in all their newly developed gross motor skills such as learning to crawl or to walk. We have plenty of space to move and explore with a separate sleep and sensory room for quiet times and sleep. Children experience all kinds of learning through play, and have lots of opportunities to do so, whether it is messy activities or planning to enhance their physical development.

During our activities we explore a lot of sensory and edible play, making our own finger paints or squashing different fruits.
Emphasis is placed on the process of creative activities rather than the result, encouraging children to explore and learn in their own way. There is no right or wrong! Free play is also a large part of the day; babies are encouraged to choose what they would like to play with, and to form relationships with carers and each other. In the baby room we work closely with parents to follow a child's routine, whilst also supporting their transition into our setting. We will work with you and your established routines to provide a home from home environment where each baby feels safe and secure.