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Autumn Term Newsletter – 2017

We’d like to welcome everyone back after the 6 weeks summer break and hope that you all had a lovely time over the summer. This term will lead us up to the Christmas break and we have lots of things planned to keep everyone busy!

Pre-School: In Pre-School we will be focusing on settling in and nursery routines as well as ‘’All about me.’’ We are creating our very own 'our families' board so would love to receive all your family photos to be part of our beautiful display.

Toddlers:  Toddlers story of the month is 'A squash and a squeeze'' and they will be making all kind of artistic creations to represent their version of the story. On top of this they will be making full use of the new collecting bags at nursery and going on a number of walks and outings to collect autumn leaves and natural resources as we learn about the change in seasons.

Babies: This term we will be welcoming and getting to know lots of new friends. We have many fun, autumn activities planned to help our babies develop through sensory play. We will explore lots of different textures, sounds, smells and colours using (among other messy things!) water, pasta, gloop and paint. We will also be focusing ''Night Monkey Day Monkey'' as our children have been very interested in animals and all the noises they make, especially ''oooo'' ''oooo'' ''oooo'' like a monkey!

After-School Club: After school will begin back at the club and welcome some new friends joining us this term. We will begin the new term by establishing and agreeing our own ''club rules,'' settling into homework club and enjoying many activities including gardening and cookery.

Important Notices:

Tatty Bumpkin Yoga is still with us running classes on a Thursday morning each week. Classes are £3.50 and you can either block book or pay as you go each week. These Yoga sessions have a fantastic, positive impact on children’s learning and development by supporting each area of learning. If your child is at nursery on a Thursday then they can attend with a member of staff, or if they are at home on a Thursday parents are welcome to bring them along and stay and join in the fun. Please talk to Meg or Alex for details.

Moo Music - Moo Moo's is running music and movement classes on a Monday morning each week. These sessions positively support children's learning and development in all 7 areas of learning. If your child is at nursery on a Monday then they can attend these sessions with a member of staff, or pop along with parents/carers and join in the fun too. Please speak to Meg or Alex for more details.

Waterproof suits and Wellies: Where we have some waterproof suits and wellies we do not have enough for every child at the nursery. It would be greatly appreciated if parents could send children to nursery with their suits and wellies, fully labelled, to use when with us. We do go outside all weathers come rain or shine or snow.

Spare Clothes: Could parents please remember to send children to nursery with spare clothes. We do try our best to keep clean however sometimes accidents happen, or we’re just having too much fun and we need a spare change of clothes to put on.

Important dates for your diary:

We have lots of exciting things planned so do please try and come to as many of them as possible.

Week commencing 30th October 2017
Pre-School Parents
Parent sessions

Please speak with your child's key person to book a time slot convenient for you.
Week commencing
6th November 2017

Toddler room parents
Parent sessions

Please speak with your child's key person to book a time slot convenient for you.

15th December 2017

Christmas Dinner/Christmas Jumper/Outfit day!

All children are welcome to come to nursery dressed in their best Christmas jumpers or fancy dress outfits. We will have a scrummy Christmas dinner all together and rumour has it from a little elf that we may even be getting a visit from Father Christmas!


Closing for Christmas: A little while off yet but it will soon come around! We will be closed from the 22nd December  and re-open on the 2ndJanuary 2018. The nursery will close at normal time on Friday 22nd December.

We would like to thank you as always for your continued support at the nursery. If anyone would like to volunteer some time, whether it is to accompany a trip out, share their profession or even come to help prepare tea/snack one day, then please do let us know.


Many thanks

The Skallywags Team

Nursery Events

Our next events for the Autumn Term 2017 include:

Parents sessions weeks, week commencing 30th October 2017  - Pre-school week, week commencing 6th November 2017 - Toddler week, baby room to be confirmed.

Tuesday 31st October - Halloween Party - 3.30pm

Information about the Early Years Foundation Stage

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