Welcome to Pre-School

In Pre-school we focus on all the important skills children need to be prepared for their transition to school. We focus on letters and sounds (through Jolly Phonics), letter formation, and fine motor skills such as cutting and holding our pencils correctly. We learn self-help skills such as dressing by ourselves, or changing our shoes. We have excellent links with local schools, and invite our new primary school teachers into our setting, so that children are familiar with them before they leave for school. We do all this using fun planned activities as well as child initiated play, as it is still important for us to enjoy what we learn through play, with the emphasis still being on the process and not the end results.

Pre-School have their very own optional polo shirts. This encourages children to look after their uniform and get used to wearing one before they leave for school. Our children are very proud of their shirts and we have noticed a positive effect on all areas of their nursery life especially in their personal, social and emotional development boosting their self-confidence and self-awareness as well as having a positive effect on their behaviour.

When getting ready to move to school we work closely alongside parents and children to ensure their transition is smooth. We will complete a 'transition record' with you that will give their new teacher more of an insight and understanding of your child. We also host our greatly anticipated 'Graduation Party' that all parents, staff and children are invited to. We celebrate each child's time with us and give them their leaving gifts and 'Pre-School Certificates' with all parents/families there too. Children choose their graduation theme which previously we have had 'Beach Party' and 'Disney Party.'