Skally's Den

Skally's Den is used for a variety of activities and experiences. It is home to our after school club from 3.30pm each day and to our holiday club in half terms.

We also run several educational and fun sessions for children and our families including:
Parent first aid sessions:

Parent first aid sessions include basic life support, choking and signs/symptoms of illnesses such as meningitis. Parents who have attended so far have said how informative and helpful our sessions are and how nice it is to have peace of mind that they have some basic skills to manage in an emergency situation.

Children's first aid sessions:

With our older children we have been teaching some basic first aid sessions. Celebrating 'World First Aid Day' and including stories such as ''The Pen that lost his lid'' and more fun but educational activities.

In partnership with Shield Training -
Parents sessions

We run 3 parents sessions/evenings per year, these are a chance for parents/carers to meet with their child's key person and discuss their learning and development as well as an opportunity to go through learning journeys together.

Parent workshops

We run a number of parent workshops to share our training and ideas with parents/carers. These have included; makaton, edible sensory play, themed crafting events and gardening club.

Tatty Bumpkin Yoga and Moo Moo Music

Tatty Bumpkin and Moo Music both run classes from Skally's Den. Children are able to attend these sessions with their key person or visit with parents/carers. For more information please speak to a member of the Skallywags Team.

Skally's Den is available to rent by the hour. The den consists of a large room, attached bathroom/kitchen facilities including access to tea/coffee and refreshments. For more information or to inquire in to booking our room please contact us on or telephone 01684 294244.