Welcome to Toddlers

The toddler room is based downstairs at the setting spread over two large indoor rooms with an adjoining outdoor sheltered area allowing free-flow access to the outdoors daily.

Our toddler room has a warm and welcoming atmosphere that encourages children to learn and develop whilst enjoying themselves. In toddlers communication is key, as children develop their skills and become able to express their thoughts, feelings and opinions. Children experience 'circle time' in both the morning and afternoon sessions. This time is used to read stories, choose toys, and sing our favourite nursery rhymes and songs. These routines assist with getting children used to nursery structure and appreciating boundaries.

We aim to provide a Home-from-home environment for all our children. Toddlers have a large role play area with kitchen, seating, beds and highchairs. At this age children's first experiences of role play are imitating and copying what they see 'mummies and daddies' doing at home. At Skallywags we provide opportunities for this and expand play by using children's interests E.g. Turning the role play area into a 'dinosaur dig.' Toddlers also have creative area, sand and water tray, construction area and their own quiet/book corner and den to promote and encourage time for thinking and time for communication.

Nappies and Toilet Training

In Toddlers each child with nappies has their own basket in the bathroom to hold/store their nappies, wipes and nappy creams. This means you can store a number of nappies at the nursery and we will let you know when they are running out and we need some more.

When children potty train we will follow their home routine so that each child has consistency at home and at nursery. Please speak to your child's key person or manager Megan if you have any queries about nappies and toilet training at nursery.